Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys

Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys

Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys

Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys

Sometimes we get bored and when we get bored we tend to fidget, but while we don’t think that we’re bothering anybody when we do so, the reality is that fidgeting can really tick others off – and you’ll know because you’ve probably been subject to it! Think about the person who taps the table or clicks their pen relentlessly. Annoying, isn’t it? Or perhaps fidgeting has a more negative personal impact on you, such as nail-biting. Whatever your issue is, the great news is that it can be fixed.

Fidget spinners, also known as finger spinners, are a brand new toy especially designed to help you stop fidgeting. So what are they and how do they help? They are little toys that fit neatly in your hand to spin around back and forth. Spinning them becomes really addictive and fun, but even better is that they’re quiet too – perfect for playing with in the office and maybe even a boardroom meeting. Aside from combating boredom, finger spinners can help to improve concentrations too according to some anecdotal evidence.

It may take a while to get the hang of spinning your finger spinner to its ultimate ability, which is why it’s important to take some time to practice. An effective spinner should be able to get their fidget spinner spinning for at least 60 seconds once they know what they’re doing.

Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys


Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys

Growing in Popularity

So where have fidget spinners come from? Without the internet, finger spinners and the similar fidget cube would not have been possible, since their funding came from the crowdsourced website Kickstarter. People loved the idea and donated, which indicated just how wide an appeal the product would have once it made it onto the market – so much that finger spinners were called a “must-have office toy” by Forbes.

Admittedly, finger spinners do look a little bit weird when you first see them, and somebody unknown to them would probably find it even more bizarre when you told them that, beyond fiddling, they don’t really have any other purpose. All of that changes once they have their first couple of spins with a fidget spinner, as they see just how long they can get them to spin for. There have been many office toys and de-stressers over the years, so in that regard, finger spinners are there to scratch a long-standing itch.

2017 New Styles Fidget Spinner High Quality EDC Hand Spinner For Autism and ADHD

Finger Spinner Benefits

As we briefly said earlier, fidget spinners are also brilliant for those who have habits that they are desperate to kick. Biting your nails is one of the most unhygienic things that somebody can do, but playing with a finger spinner will reduce your urge to do so.

Finger spinners, like stress balls of days gone by, are also great if you just want to release tension that has been mounting over minutes and hours. Moreover, perhaps you are eating too much or smoking too much. Instead of using your short breaks in the office to do either, why not just sit around and play with your finger spinner? It’s much more satisfying and you’ll be pleased you did in the long run.

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What Finger Spinners Are There?

Although all finger spinners effectively do the same thing, there are many different types of them and we’re going to go through each one of them. The plastic EDC tri-spinners are very popular as they tend to be very cheap compared to the other alternatives out there. Another plus is that they come in plenty of colors. They spin well and can easily be alternated back and forth, and the ABS plastic that they are made with is very quiet and durable, so you can take these spinners with you when you go out with no worry about damaging them.

Are there any disadvantages to tri-spinners? Not really, although if you have small hands you may find them tricky to spin since they could feel a little big. In addition, one minor flaw with tri-spinners and finger spinners generally is that they can become dirty and slow down over time. The best way to smooth the bearings out so they get back in working order is to soak them in warm, soapy water, or to apply some oil. However, if applying oil, be careful that you’re using a water-based lubricant, and not a product that could cause additional slowdown.

However, you don’t have to go for a tri-spinner, there are lots of other spinners which you may prefer. The simple one-bearing spinners would be great for you if you’ve found that the tri-spinners are too big, and these also seem to spin longer on average.

While plastic spinners are an ideal starting point, you can upgrade to higher-quality materials after you’ve got used to spinning. The metal spinners are superb, do not get as dirty so require less maintenance, and also appear much classier aesthetically. Wooden spinners also look very authentic and would be perfect for either a discerning spinner, or as a gift to somebody else.

Hand Spinner fidget toy 2017 New fidget spinner edc finger Spinner Hand relieves stress

What Else Should I Consider?

If you plan on spinning a lot then you really should think about spending a bit extra on your spinner, as the cheaper models don’t last as long and can be harsher on your skin due to the rougher materials with which they are made. You may be able to smooth these out over time, and you may be able to keep your finger spinner clean with effort, but this is time-consuming and you may get fed up with your spinner if it requires a lot of maintenance.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t complicate fidget spinners too much. They all do the same thing and once you’ve found one that you like you’ll be well set. For fidget-prone people who are after a solution to their problems, these really are worth giving a try. They’re simple to use and can chew up hours of boredom where you may otherwise indulge in bad habits. What’s not to love?

In-Depth: Finger Spinners

If you’ve had enough of being bored and fidgety, and with your unhygienic and unhealthy habits too for that matter, then it’s probably time you thought about getting a fidget spinner to help finish them off for good. We all think about how we’d love to stop snacking or smoking, but struggle to resist the temptation during those long hours at work or just generally. Here’s why a finger spinner can help.

2017 New Styles Fidget Spinner High Quality EDC Hand Spinner For Autism and ADHD

Tell Me More about Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are perfect if you find yourself getting bored regularly as they are small enough to carry with you literally everywhere, something hinted at by their name. Many finger spinners have the acronym “EDC” in their name, which stands for “every day carry”. Whichever finger spinner you have – and they do come in various shapes, sizes and materials – you’ll be able to carry them in your pocket without them being a nuisance.

If you have a smoking addiction then you’ll know that it creeps up on you when you’re bored and don’t have anything better to do to keep you occupied. That’s where finger spinner are so useful: just pick yours up and start spinning, taking your mind off that unneeded smoke and reducing any pent up tension in your body.

Fidget spinners aren’t the only toys out there for serial fidgeters though. Another widely-used toy is the fidget cube, a small device with a number of switches, gears and a joystick to fiddle with. Fidget rings to fit on your fingers with and fiddle with are also popular, as they require just the one hand to operate. Fidget rings are not a new concept and were popular with Tibetans who found them good at alleviating anxiety, which indicates that they first acknowledged the fidgeting issue long before it came to our attention.

Finger spinners have gone mainstream for their effectiveness at tackling mild fiddling, however for more serious fidgeters – such as those who have disorders like ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and similar attention disorders – fidget spinners and similar products are helping to increase concentration levels.

With fidget spinners only booming onto the market recently, it’s certain that we haven’t uncovered all of what they are useful for. But what we do know is that they are proving helpful for those who’ve not had solutions to their fidgeting problems for years. With that in mind, definitely get hold of a finger spinner and find out whether you can benefit from them.

Analysing Various Types of Finger Spinner

 Fidget spinners are new, which is exciting as we’re being inundated with brand new designs from companies and keen independent producers at an amazing rate. Let’s take each type of finger spinner one by one, and analyse their benefits and disadvantages so we can find out what finger spinner you might get the most enjoyment out of.

Dual-Bar Spinner
If you’ve seen finger spinners before then there’s a fair chance that you were looking at a dual-bar spinner, as these are one of, if not the most common types of fidget spinner currently on sale. With just the one pressure pad, the dual-bar spinner is small and spins effortlessly both clockwise and anti-clockwise between your fingers.

A dual-bar spinner typically has three bearings inside of it which are vital in ensuring that the spinner spins quickly and doesn’t succumb to friction – the more expensive models will have better bearings which don’t get as dirty or lose speed with consistent use.

Cheap dual-bar spinners are made out of 3D-printed ABS plastic, and the plastic allows for many unique and even personalized designs, depending on where you buy. However, from a usage perspective, these can slow down quite quickly – so if you’re planning on using it regularly, maybe go for a wooden or metal spinner instead.

How you choose to play with your dual-bar spinner is up to you, there are no written rules. You can go for really long spin times or you can choose to flick them back and forth.

Tri-Bar Spinner
We spoke about tri-bar spinners further up in this post, but beyond being bigger and a common design of 3D-plastic spinners, they have other benefits worth picking up on.

The ability to hold your tri-bar spinner in different spots gives you more versatility with your spinning, and the chance to experiment a little more – so you’ll be occupied for longer each session. Those with bigger fidgeting troubles might prefer a tri-bar spinner to a dual-bar spinner.

Quad-Bar Spinner
Supersize your finger spinning with a quad-bar spinner which, as you probably have guessed, can be held from even more positions! Quad-bar spinners are usually made from 3D-plastic and out of top-level bearings so you’ll get the same spinning feeling no matter which way you choose to hold it. However, if plastic doesn’t take your fancy, then there are a few wooden quad-bar spinners out there too for you to get your hands on.

Do It Yourself: Designing Your Own Fidget Spinner
Fidget spinners come in many shapes and sizes but if you aren’t keen on any that you have seen and think you could be a bit of a developer, then there’s no reason why you can’t go and make your own! With 3D-printers now commercially available, you could design and make all sorts of funky fidget spinners for yourself and others.

Making a 3D-printed fidget spinner is easy, even if you’ve never done it before, thanks to the wealth of information available online. From developing your design to making it and fitting the bearings, all the knowledge is there to get you up and running.

Tell Me More about Fidget Cubes

 Fidget cubes have also soared in popularity since being released in 2016, serving the same function as fidget spinners but in a slightly different way. Instead of spinning, you can use a fidget cube to twiddle with gears and a joystick, and press the switches. The only drawback is that fidget cubes don’t have a spinner which could be a deal-breaker for some people.

Where are Fidget Spinners From and Where Can I Purchase Them?

If you’ve taken a liking to fidget spinners then you probably want to know more about their origins and where you can purchase them. As of now, the majority of fidget spinners are made independently in the United States, however, some larger companies are beginning to get in on the act and producing their own spinners. Oneshopexpress.com is one such site where you can buy independently-made fidget spinners.

That fidget spinners are being made in America is really good news for the quality, as mass-production in countries like China has seen a reduction in quality in other industries. Take e-cigarettes for example: once China started making them the quality deteriorated even though the prices fell dramatically. However, with the big finger spinning market only set to get bigger, China’s involvement feels a matter of when, not if.

On this site we aim to bring you only the best fidget spinners that are certain to give you months and years of enjoyment. We don’t scrimp on quality, so you can be sure that everything you get from us will be a worthwhile purchase!

Plastic, Wooden or Metal Finger Spinner?

That fidget spinners are made from various materials is a real boost to their appeal and versatility. If you’re on a shoestring budget and just want something basic then you can get your hands on a 3D-printed spinner, but if you have more to spend and want to get something more complete then a wooden or metal spinner could fit your bill. However, even the 3D-printed spinners are good and durable thanks to the strong ABS plastic material.

Wooden and metal spinners are favorites with keen finger spinners due to the additional performance that they offer. Some of the Torqbar spinners have been recorded to deliver more than four minutes of spinning, testament to how impressive the bearings really are. Wooden spinners are great to show off on a desk or on a mantelpiece, while metal spinners are even more long-lasting than their peers.

Why Buy a Fidget Toy?

You may be asking yourself whether you really need a finger spinner, but that’s a simple question to answer. If you find yourself getting bored and fidgety easily then you certainly need something to keep you busy. Even if you don’t but have habits that you want to kick, then a fidget spinner may come in handy.

As well as being for sheer entertainment, finger spinners are also gaining traction with those who have attention disorders and similar conditions. Staying focussed and not getting fidgety can be problematic if you have one, which is why both adults and youngsters are turning to fidget spinners to help them out.

Combating Stress and Anxiety with Fidget Spinners

Many people can be brought down with stress and anxiety – and plenty of others probably do but wouldn’t admit it. Finger spinners are a great way of discreetly tackling – or at least easing – the issues that you may have with either. But while you may something to take the edge off things, many other toys simply distract you. Fidget spinners are quick, easy and require little effort to operate, so you can keep busy with other things while you play.

If you’re in the office, you’ll know just how important high productivity is, which is why having a toy that causes minimum distractions really is a breakthrough.


Stress and anxiety are two common symptoms of autism, two things we have just touched on. Those with autism are often dependent on other people and regularly feel under pressure with that stress and anxiety, especially if they are surrounded by others who they think may be watching them. Hence, it’s vital that people who have autism have an outlet that allows them to pacify these feelings independently. With finger spinners being quiet, small and simple to use, the solution may just be there.

Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys

How People with ADD and ADHD are Using Fidget Spinners

 ADD and ADHD are disorders mainly present in children although these can extend into adulthood. Such conditions are very distractive and the lack of focus that results can really hinder a person’s ability to succeed in everyday life. However, finger spinners are a handy toy that people with ADD and ADHD can keep on them at all times and use when things just get a little too much.

 The calming effect delivered by fidget spinners is perfect – even more so for youngsters – for people who have ADD and ADHD. A quick play with one of these is helpful in relieving tensions and allowing somebody to recapture lost concentration. With finger spinners being so new, there’s not much research on them so take it with a pinch of a salt – but if it’s working for others, then it may just work for you!

Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys

Hand Spinner & Fidget Toys

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